Photo of the month: March, 2018

Photo of the month: March, 2018
Georgia, Spring

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Georgian Tourism Association (GTA) Workshop

Signagi, Georgia
20-21 December, 2009
15 participants of GTA member companies discussed issues and problems on tourism sector of Georgia and GTA strategy and action plans 2010.
Issues: Incoming and Domestic Tourism, Outgoing Tourism, Cooperation with Governments Organizations, Association development.
The workshop was supported by Department of Tourism and Resorts.
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Regional Tourism Development Workshop

Istanbul, Turkey
December 13-14, 2009

In Istanbul, Turkey 13-14 of December, 2009 held regional Tourism Development Workshop, organized by GTZ and USAD project Academy for Educational Development (AED).
From Georgia were invited 11 participants from different Tourist Companies, by supported of German Technical Cooperation GTZ- Georgia.
Aim of the workshop was regional cooperation, how to promote the regional tourism, creation new regional products, Interest in Regional Tourism Products in International Markets, to Promote Regional Products in South East Europe, was round table discussion: Development of New/Improving the Existing Cross Border Products, B2B meetings, Association meeting about deepening partnership. Plans to create the new working group from each country to continue our partnership.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

GTZ Conference in Sibiu

GTZ Conference on Association Management
in South-East Europe and South Caucasus
Sibiu, 18-19 November

In Romania, Sibiu, 18-19 of November, 2009 held GTZ conference on Association Management in south-East Europe and South Caucasus.
Members of Georgian Tourism Association (GTA): Nata Kvachantiradze ( GTA Board Director) and Giorgi Ebanoidze (Financial Manager of GTA) were invited on the Conference, by supported of German Technical Cooperation GTZ- Georgia.
Aim of the program was to introduce the experience of European Tourism Sector-Associations.
Was exchange the main objectives and the greatest success factor of Associations, was discussion about strategy, management structures and financing of Associations, the presentation of Best-practice-example of Associations. After that was discussion how to improve Services of tourism Associations
GTA took many example from other associations: how to work more useful with the members, how to increase the members list, how to improve the services of associations, how to increase benefits and interest of members to work more useful in association.
From the foreigner Experts from the protected areas GTA took some experience as a new how for the Georgian sustainable tourism development.
Such kind cooperation and support of tourism in Georgia is useful for development of Georgian Tourism Association, as well all Georgian Tourism Sector.