Photo of the month: March, 2018

Photo of the month: March, 2018
Georgia, Spring

Monday, August 23, 2010

ARGO-The first Black Sea Partnership Forum for Tour and Travel operators.

18-21 November, 2010 The Forum is organized in cooperation with the 26-th International Tourism Exhibition-Philoxenia. for additional information and registration form contact:
mail to:
Tel: +995 32 22 01 95

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Junior Ranger Program

Two five-day Junior Ranger Camps (one in Algeti PA 14-18.07.2010 and other in Borjomi-Kharagauli PA 10-14.08.2010) were organized by Georgian Tourism Association. The camps offered opportunities for children to learn more about PAs and opportunities to participate appropriately in the work of a PA ranger. 50 Participants in the Junior Ranger program was recruited through existing contacts with area schools in Manglisi and Borjomi. For the future the children will have practical opportunities for volunteer-type work within the Protected Area and will be introduced to traditional activities in the region. Regular follow – up visits will be organized, so that the junior Rangers become a part of the life of the Protected Area.
Borjomi Schoolcamp

The guesthouses with solar power systems

GTA finished installing of solar powered electricity and water heating systems in seven guesthouses within the Tusheti Protected Area. The guesthouses were selected in consultation with the Agency of Protected Areas, board of the Tusheti PA and local stakeholders. Provision of electricity and hot water in Tusheti will mark an improvement in quality of visitors experience in the region, as well as assisting people to live there year-round. The guesthouses with solar power systems are situated in a wonderful gorge – Gometsari.

Guesthouse "Sargiri",Tel: 899 775543

Guesthouse "Lamata", Tel: 899 700378

Guesthouse "Gometsari", Tel: 898 464242

Guesthouse "Kruiskari", Tel: 899 285647

Two training sessions in Borjomi/Kharagauli and Tusheti NPs

On the 21-22 of July and 26-27 July, 2010, two training sessions with an international expert and GTA representatives was held at Borjomi/Kharagauli and Tusheti National Parks. The trainings were dedicated to the improvement of the quality of tourism service and capacity building and involved owners of the guesthouses from Borjomi/Kharagauli and Tusheti regions. The combination of global best practices and local knowledge will help to bring the guesthouses in Georgian PAs up to European standards. The events was organised by GTA in cooperation with Eurasia Partnership Foundation."

Borjomi/Karagauli NP

Tusheti NP