Photo of the month: March, 2018

Photo of the month: March, 2018
Georgia, Spring

Friday, March 23, 2012

GTA general meeting, 22 of March, 2012

22 of March, 2012, held general meeting of Georgian Tourism Association (GTA). On the meeting was discuss about future development plan. New members became travel company NEXT Travel and Hotel Betsy.
GTA became the member of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC).

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Participation to the SABIT program, February 4-March 3, 2012, USA

February 4- March 3, 2012 Chairperson of Georgian Tourism Association Natalie Kvachantiradze participated to The SABIT Program's 2012 Niche Tourism program,
The program was financed by U.S Department of Commerce.
The mission of the SABIT program was to assist in the development of niche tourism in Eurasia by demonstrating industry trends and innovative technologies developed and implemented in the United States. As well to provide American companies with unique opportunity to be directly involved in Eurasia’s transition to a market-based economy by encouraging business relationship with Eurasian Professionals.
18 participants from 9 countries learned about best practices in the U.S. tourism industry. The group visited Washington DC, Seattle in Washington, Phoenix and Flagstaff in Arizona, Gatlinburg in Tennessee.
During the program Georgian Tourism Association (GTA) became the member of Global Sustainable Tourism Council (Washington DC)
invited 18 tourism professionals from 9 countries to learn about best practices in the U.S. tourism industry and encourage international tourism industry connections. The group visited Washington, DC, Seattle, Washington, Phoenix and Flagstaff, Arizona, and Gatlinburg, Tennessee.